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Winold Reiss was a brilliant graphic designer whose ability to fuse line and color in spectacular magazine covers, posters, calendars, and advertisements, as well as in packaging design, enabled him to support himself throughout his life from his commercial work. Educated in graphic design at the Munich School of Applied Arts (Kunstgewerbeschule), Reiss came to the United States with the express intention of teaching America the ways in which explosive color could revolutionize commercial design. From his earliest beginnings in the pages of the Modern Art Collector (which he helped to launch in 1915) to the murals and interior design for the Longchamps Restaurant in Washington, D.C., in the early 1950s, Reiss brought not only color but also a sure and eye-catching graphic sense to all that he produced. His work—as demonstrated by his covers for Survey Graphic magazine and his calendars for the Great Northern Railway—fused modernism with a sympathetic realism that epitomized the artistic trends of his day. As was the case with Andy Warhol, Reiss's training and work in commercial design informed his so-called fine art, making it easy to reproduce in the print media. His work, specifically aimed at commercial consumption, shows a freedom of composition, a vivacious use of color, and a confidence in execution that makes these prints, drawings, and graphic designs some of his best work. —JCS

The images that follow are grouped in categories. Unless noted otherwise, works are from various private collections, some through the courtesy of owners who wish to remain anonymous. Clicking on a thumbnail will take you to an enlarged view of the image and a more detailed description.

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Survey Graphic,
March 1925

Scribner's Magazine, December 1915

February 1925

Modern Art Collector,
Vol.1, no. 2, October 1915

Modern Art Collector,
Vol. 1, no. 4, December 1915
Modern Art Collector,
No. 10, 1917

Pagan, October 1919

Pagan, September 1919



Town & Country,
Dec. 1, 1928

Town & Country,
Aug. 15, 1928

Book Jacket for
The New Negro
, 1925

Cover, The New Negro

Book Jacket for
The Last Shot,

Book Jacket for Ebony and Ivory, 1923

Promotional and Advertising Art - Back to top

Charity Bazar

Photo Engravers' Convention
Scenic Artists Supper Ball

Ad for Winold Reiss School

Opening Announcement,
The Crafts and Art Studio
Announcement for Winold Reiss Summer School

Ad for Winold Reiss School

Letterhead for
Wentz & Co.

Advertisements for Restaurant Crillon

Letterhead for M.A.C.

Advertising card for
Restaurant Crillon

Logo for Winold Reiss Studio

Brochure, Winold Reiss Art School

Exhibition Invitation,
Anderson Galleries

Invitation for 1925 Opportunity Award Dinner

Invitation for 1926 Opportunity Award Dinner

Invitation for 1927 Opportunity Award Dinner


Announcement, Esplanade opening (outside)

Announcement, Esplanade opening (inside)

Menu Card, Café Bonaparte

Menu Card, Café Bonaparte (inside)

Packaging Design
for Barricini

Invitation, Mediaeval Grille at the Alamac Hotel Menu for Restaurant Longchamps

Reservation Card,
Alamac Hotel

Menu cover,
Alamac Grille
Menu, Congo Room, Alamac Hotel

Wrapping Paper for Longchamps

Wrapping Paper for
Baumgarten Viennese Bonbonnière


Calendar for
Great Northern Railroad

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Decorative Bird Panel

Woodblock Print Portfolio
Twelve Months of the Year













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